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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate AAUW Community Action Grant
Donate AAUW Scholarship Fund - Longmont
Donate Alta Community Garden
Donate Arapahoe Pass Scholarship
Donate Ascend St Vrain NORMUS Scholarship Fund
Donate Ascend St. Vrain Scholarship Fund
Donate A Woman's Work Endowment Fund
Donate Braly Branson Any Sport Scholarship Fund
Donate Braly Lyons Football Scholarship Fund
Donate Chicago Quarter Fund
Donate Colorado Sports for All
Donate Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center
Donate Cotter Family Fund
Donate County Collectives
Donate DAF new fund
Donate Do Justice, Love Kindness Fund
Donate Field Family Fund
Donate Fred Litzenberger Basketball Memorial Fund
Donate Friends of the Longmont Cultural and Performing Arts Center Fund
Donate Friends of the Longmont Public Library Endowment Fund
Donate Friends of the Longmont Senior Center Endowment
Donate Gary and Mhari Peschel Family Fund
Donate GTC Charitable Fund
Donate Henry Braly LHS Football Scholarship Fund
Donate Hispanic Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Historic Highlandlake Church
Donate Historic Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery Fund
Donate HOPE Direct
Donate HOPE Endowment Fund
Donate Hover Senior Living Community Foundation
Donate Huffman Family Fund
Donate Jason and Karen Kruse Fund
Donate Kindness For Kids
Donate Left Hand Giving Circle
Donate Light of Christ ECC Fund
Donate Live and Give Longmont
Donate Live and Give - Mike and Gretchen Beall Fund - Arts and Culture
Donate Longmont Chamber Education Fund
Donate Longmont Chorale Endowment Fund
Donate Longmont Community Foundation Operating Fund (yearly support)
Donate Longmont High School Education Foundation
Donate Longmont Startup Week
Donate Longmont United Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate LPAI Endowment Fund
Donate LUH Scholarship Fund
Donate Mead Area Historical Society
Donate Mead Emergency Fund
Donate Mountain Sisters Fund
Donate Neighbor to Neighbor Fund
Donate NOCO Gold Star Monument Fund
Donate OUR Center Endowment Fund
Donate Pinkelman Keiser Family Fund
Donate Quarter Fund - Boulder County
Donate Rademacher Family Fund
Donate Recovery Cafe
Donate Redmond Designated Fund
Donate Rejuvenation Award
Donate Roxy Fund
Donate Safe Storage and Firearm Buy Back
Donate Serlis Family Fund
Donate Sharing the Nextlight
Donate Silver Dollars
Donate Stephanie Robinson Foundation
Donate Strongmont 2
Donate Student Entrepreneurship Fund
Donate Student Internship Fund
Donate Student Uplift Fund
Donate St. Vrain Habitat for Humanity Scholarship
Donate St. Vrain Independent Living Fund
Donate St. Vrain Valley Soccer Fund, The
Donate Sunshine Club Endowment Fund
Donate Sustainable Neighborhood Solutions
Donate The League of Women Voters of Boulder County Agency Endowment
Donate Today and Tomorrow Fund (Endowment)
Donate Training
Donate UCC Longmont Fund
Donate Unity Funds the Community
Donate Universal Peace Creators
Donate Up the Ladder Fund
Donate Veterans Village
Donate Wade G. and Lorena Gaddis Family Fund
Donate Weibert Family Fund
Donate Wiser Designated Fund
Donate Women Impacting Longmont Fund